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Register in person, by telephone at (248) 646-2000 ext. 4, or online below. Classes begin September 18, 2018. Be sure to investigate the changes to our Bible and Christian Worker’s diploma programs here.


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Please enroll me in the following classes:

1st Hour (5:25-6:25 PM) 1 Class Hour

2nd Hour (6:30-7:30 PM) 1 Class Hour

2nd & 3rd Hours (6:30-7:30 & 8:00-9:00 PM) 2 Class Hours

Chapel (7:35-7:55 PM)

3rd Hour (8:00-9:00 PM) 1 Class Hour



Preregister and pay the minimum tuition deposit by September 11 and save $10.00 on the registration fee. The minimum payment for those who preregister is the $25.00 early registration fee plus a tuition deposit of $10.00 per class hour. After September 11, the full registration fee of $35.00 plus the minimum tuition deposit will be due. Submit your payment by:
  • Mailing a check or money order to BBI, 280 E. Lincoln St., Birmingham, MI  48009-3673 OR
  • Calling the office at (248) 646-2000 ext. 4 with credit card information.

To download a preregistration form to print and mail, click here.


Tuition Cost

  • One class hour          $90
  • Two class hours      $130
  • Three class hours   $160