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Register in person, by telephone at (248) 646-2000 ext. 2, or online below. Classes begin January 21, 2020. Be sure to investigate the changes to our Bible and Christian Worker’s diploma programs here.

Special Savings for Winter 2020

The registration fee will be waived for any first-time student and for any current student who invites the new student. If you are paying online, make the minimum deposit only, and your balance due will be adjusted.

If you are registering online, be sure to fill out and submit the registration form below. If you also wish to make a payment, online payments are now available with PayPal at the bottom of this page. Make sure you have submitted the registration form before making a payment.


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Please enroll me in the following classes:

1st Hour (5:30-6:25 PM) 1 Class Hour

2nd Hour (6:30-7:25 PM) 1 Class Hour

2nd & 3rd Hours (6:30-7:25 & 8:05-9:00 PM) 2 Class Hours

Chapel (7:30-8:00 PM)

3rd Hour (8:10-9:00 PM) 1 Class Hour



Preregister and pay the minimum tuition deposit by January 14 and save $10.00 on the registration fee. The minimum payment for those who preregister is the $25.00 early registration fee plus a tuition deposit of $10.00 per class hour. After January 14, the full registration fee of $35.00 plus the minimum tuition deposit is due. Submit your payment by:
  • Mailing a check or money order to BBI, 280 E. Lincoln St., Birmingham, MI  48009-3673 OR
  • Making a payment with PayPal (see below).

To download a preregistration form to print and mail, click here.

If you are a first-time BBI student or a current student who has invited a new student, make the minimum payment only. We will adjust your balance due, removing the registration fee.

Tuition Cost

  • One class hour          $90
  • Two class hours      $130
  • Three class hours   $160


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